KING RIGHT MOTOR helps you find the best solution for all applications.

KING RIGHT MOTOR produces geared motors and DC motors which can be configured for almost any 10W to 1KW equipment. No matter parallel shaft or Right-Angle Shaft motors, install encoder or brake, we could offer the best solution to you.

Complete DC Gear Motor

Planetary gear motor, parallel axis shaft. Dia 43-124, 10W-1000W. Up to 2000kgcm torque.

High Variability, Rotation Speed.

According to customer request speed and torque to produce most suitable product for you.

Fast Delivery

King Right Motor Sufficient material in stock, fast delivery is our basic service.

Recommend Products

Small Powder Planetary Gear Hot

Small Powder Planetary Gear

Planetary gearbox is better than other gear motors about bearing higher torque. Smaller size gearbox including high ratio.

Self-Lock Right Angle Worm Gear Hot

Self-Lock Right Angle Worm Gear

Optimal for Continuous Operation, Heavy-Duty, Wide Selection, Reliable, with custom voltage, diameter, speed, torque.

Servo Motor Hot

Servo Motor

Suitable for precise control of angular or linear position, velocity. sensor for position feedback option.