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DC Motor, Worm Gear, Planetary Gear, Servo Motor. | King Right Motor can design and build custom DC motor products, and has passed ISO 9001 certification.

DC Motor, Worm Gear, Planetary Gear, Servo Motor.

Company Profile

Custom DC Motors designed for your application.

KING RIGHT MOTOR CO., LTD. specializes in DC motors, worm gears, planetary gears, servo motors, and pumps with nearly 50 years of experience. Our company not only provides accurate services to solve various problems, such as overheating, noise, insufficient power, and excessive current but also provides added-value engineering & design capabilities in applications.

Our Background

KING RIGHT Motor has 50 years of experience in the manufacture of DC motors and Gear motors, which are used in equipment, industrial machinery, garage doors, elevators, elevator doors, mixers, medical equipment, health and welfare equipment, garden equipment tools, stage design and vehicle applications, etc., With high-quality motors, enjoy a good reputation in various fields of domestic and foreign markets. Focus on the design, production and sales of DC motors and geared motors. Our main products are DC motors, planetary gear motors, worm gear motors, spur gears, servo motors and pumps. The products are mainly DC brushes, and the output power is from 10W to 1000W. We continue to upgrade our product range and technology to improve its performance and longevity.

Taiwan Professional Manufacturer of DC Motor, DC Gears

If you have special requirements (motor speed, output shaft size, flange, waterproof rating, encoder type, anti-cold, military application, etc.), please let us know.

With high moment of inertia and easy to control plays a relatively advantageous role in machine design of DC brushed motor. The motor is the core component of industrial automation.

KING RIGHT Motor specializes in the research and development and manufacture of DC brushed motors, servo motors, and DC gears. The motor has stable quality and a wide range of product specifications. It could be combined with a reduction ratio to achieve speed change and torque increase. Install brake to increase the self-locking force. Install an encoder to be controlled. We have the confidence and ability to cooperate with customers for any possible research and development.

KING RIGHT MOTOR helps you find the best solution for all applications.

KING RIGHT MOTOR produces geared motors and DC motors which can be configured for almost any 10W to 1KW equipment. No matter parallel shaft or Right-Angle Shaft motors, install encoder or brake, we could offer the best solution to you.

Complete DC Gear Motor

Planetary gear motor, parallel axis shaft. Dia 43-124, 10W-1000W. Up to 2000kgcm torque.

High Variability, Rotation Speed.

According to customer request speed and torque to produce most suitable product for you.

Fast Delivery

King Right Motor Sufficient material in stock, fast delivery is our basic service.